Yamaha MyRide App – a new stylish and functional GPS-tracker for motorcyclists.

The App has all necessary functions for recording and visualising your route. It captures and stores your metrics of acceleration, deceleration, average and max speed, max motorcycle lean angle, minimum and maximum elevation, and of course, total mileage and time spent. There’s no need to manually pause it during a temporary stop – the App will automatically detect it and will exclude the time spent for rests from its calculations.

The App’s killer feature is the ability to search for and view the details of the routes added by other riders. After recording the route, the user can save it as public or private. There’s also an option to export a GPX file.

The App attempts to organise its users into a social network, which eases the search of interesting routes from other riders. Similarly to Facebook, you can follow or become friends with any user of the App. Search options include searches by countries, by popularity, by length, and by proximity to own geoposition.

Despite the fact that the App is developed by Yamaha, it can be used by any other motorcycle brand owner. Just select your motorbike from the built-in catalog and that’s it. Can’t find your model? The developers will add it upon your request, we tested and it worked! By the way, do you think that you are the only one who gives funny names to your motorcycle? Well… You are NOT! Almost everybody does the same, and the App allows to share this intimate info when you fill in your bike info.

You may add an unlimited number of motorcycles, tag them as ‘My current’, ‘My previous’ or ‘Took for testing’, and upload photographs of your beloved ones.

The App is free and is available for iOS and Android platforms.

Our rating – 10 out of 10!
Tested & approved by Moto Maníacos.