Our first customer’s review**

**Please note that this review was written by our first commercial customer on his Facebook page and was originally in the Russian language. We did not take the risk of translating it ourselves, instead we copy-pasted the texts to google and here’s what it returned as a result. Forgive us and the machine for sometimes funny or senseless outcome 🙂


‘Mototoxicosis’ is a painful condition of a motorcyclist caused by the lack of opportunity to ride a motorcycle. (c) Wiktionary

For the last time, an injection of a tiny dose of a drug called “driving a two-wheeled vehicle with a motor” was made to me during the last winter in Thailand. Our vehicle on the island was the Honda Click 125i. Although he could accelerate to 120 km / h from a good slide, he was more suitable for unhurried trips to the beach in shorts and slippers.

So in April I returned home with a strong desire to immediately purchase some sports equipment such as the R1 or ZX10R for commuting to work without traffic jams.
The main arguments against buying (based on previous experience of owning) a motorcycle were:
– terrible condition of the roads on my usual route;
– low driving culture and correspondingly high risk of getting into an accident;
– the climate and weather (if even 5 years ago I could fall under a rain in a raincoat, or at a temperature of +5 in a warm overalls, then now the prospect of getting wet and cold is somehow not impressive);
– the need for a day or two or three a week to drive a car.

All this made me postpone an immediate purchase and take a time out to think. As it turned out later, for good reason.
Literally, on the next day, when it rained again outside, and spring still did not come, my Spanish comrade would send a photo of his new Kawasaki Z900. The photo was followed by a detailed story about how well he rides on the perfect Spanish roads with a warm wind in his face, filled with the scent of blooming orange trees. And that he recently opened a motorcycle rental for tourists who yearned for a gurney. I did not have to persuade for a long time, and that very evening I bought a plane ticket to Valencia with a convenient connection in Rome. The next 2 weeks were spent in a small shiver (I didn’t go on a mote for 2 years, and 3.5 years on public roads).

Day X has arrived. Only 2.5 hours of flight and I am already in Rome. Another half-hour queue at the passport control and I’m already on the train going to see the sights. Another 2 hours of flight – and I’m in Valencia. From an airplane, the city seemed very compact: quarterly buildings, straight streets, only a few tall buildings in the business district. And sea! Blue sea and wide sandy beaches along the entire coastline.
The guys met, settled, fed. But let’s get back to the topic 🙂

Honda CB600F Hornet

The next morning, the first thing I went to take the motorcycle. After the formalities with the contract, which took 15 minutes, I was given the coveted bike. A quick inspection of the technical condition – tyres, chain, brake pads, fluid levels, no scratches – everything is OK, you can go.
Starting the engine, shifting to the first gear – let’s get some fun…)))

The first sensations are very difficult to describe in words)) A kind of a mixture of “102 horses are pulling violently” and “some kind of hypertrophied CB-125”. Once the section is dedicated to this moto, I will immediately announce some features that I remember after 3 days of its operation in different conditions:
– The engine comes to life after 6 thousand revolutions. Paired with a 6-speed gearbox with short gears, it gives an interesting result. It is not boring. At least in the city when driving from a traffic light to a traffic light.
– Low weight, low center of gravity, soft suspension, the weight distribution of almost 50% by 50%, high steering wheel make it pleasant to drive, especially dodging between cars in traffic in the first and second gears.
– On the twisties in the mountains she runs well, but only with full gas and active working with the gearbox. Otherwise, you will not be in time for more powerful comrades. Where the Z900 with an inline-4 can be lazily operated on the 3rd gear without switching, then on the Hornet, to keep the pace you need to use 2-4. But interesting.
– Maximum speed. If you are persistent and patient, you can accelerate her up to just above 200 km/h. But after 130, riding this naked bike turns into a fight against air resistance and offers a nice workout to your neck muscles ))
– Summary. Is Hornet good in its class? Certainly yes. Who is her target audience? Most likely the pilots who have already “grown” from small-engine bikes, but do not want anything around 1,0L yet.


After a short trip through the city, having become accustomed to the motorcycle and local traffic, it was decided to make a “salida” (Spanish word for ‘motorcycle trip’) to the mountains south-west of Valencia towards the village of Dos Aquas. Actually, for the sake of riding the twisties this trip was commited from the beginning. The composition of the group – I’m on the Hornet and a friend the Chief Maniac on the Z900.
After standing a little at the traffic lights in the city, we left Valencia and headed towards the mountains. I remembered the first 5 kilometers of our way along the highway, how it blows off on a street at a speed above 100))) Half an hour along the highway with a coffee break at a gas station and we drove onto a secondary road leading to the reservoir to make a couple of pictures with excellent perspective The road to the reservoir – the first housing in our program – a couple of miles of narrow serpentine with closed sharp turns. A friend leaves, and the first few turns fighting with IPDs roll in almost at idle – I am afraid to drive “past the ticket office”: into the rainfall, bump stop or into the abyss)) I think that this cannot continue, and it’s not for nothing that I bluffed so much Gull, turn on the brain and start a completely different ride. We take pictures and go further to the mountains. Straight sections of the route come across less and more and more protracted high-speed turns. I feel shock from the quality of the road surface. Emotions are added by sweeping mountain slopes, the smells of flowering orange groves in the valleys and the understanding that there is another 200 km of first-class trolley ahead.
Then begins the ascent into the mountains, turns with a leveling pavement, running turns, S-ki, turns in 180 different configurations, bridges and of course speed sections. I am very pleased that everywhere there are signs by which one can roughly determine the steepness of a turn. Emotions from happening are overwhelmed. This is exactly the wheelchair that I lacked at home. Good asphalt is replaced by fresh asphalt, which has not even had time to apply road markings. Derzhak is just crazy. No traffic at all. Entering into the excitement and the poor fellow Hornet is already traveling only with a fully unscrewed handle on acceleration and squeaks with the rear wheel while actively lowering before turning. I want more dynamics! We take pictures, refuel and go home. The last 50 km of kurvas through the vineyards are flying on adrenaline, squeezing everything out of the motifs. Motik + serpentines = straight-through gasoline converter to adrenaline !!!
Tired and satisfied we drive into Valencia. At 22:30. It’s time to have dinner and drink a glass of wine for a great day! 320 km swept in one breath and brought an unforgettable experience and emotions.


On the second day, the moto-brother joined us at the Suzuki Bandit. The direction was chosen to the north-west – in the direction of the resort town of Montanehos with a lake with crystal clear hot spring water. Because of this, the water in the lake, even in winter, is warm enough for swimming.
The three of them turned out to be even more fun. We made stops more often, but at the same time it was with whom to share the emotions overwhelming me from what was happening around me.
The guys, unlike me, were driving along the route not for the first time, and I appreciated how useful a guide may be. When you do not think about where to turn on the next lap, when to stop, where to choose a good angle for a photo or video, and concentrate fully on getting pleasure.
If the first day I rolled in and got used, then the second day of the wheelchair can be called the peak of adrenaline and pleasure at the same time. Everything is the same as on the first day + swimming in a mountain lake + lunch in a restaurant with a stunning view of the mountains.


What is Spain without the sea? On the third and final day of the treatment of mototoxicosis, we slowly rolled along the coast to the south towards the resort town of Denia, and returned to Valencia on a paid autobahn. There were also a few kurvas around Denia, but mostly the road went through coastal towns, fields and orange plantations.
On the autobahn the urban character of Hornet manifested itself. After the scoreboard with speed cameras each on the Z900 opened and left on the 6th, then I had to drop to 4th to keep up.

On the FOURTH day, jamon was bought, gifts were handed over and motik was handed over. The guys drove me to the airport. I flew home to return after 3 weeks and again come off on serpentines on two different Honda CB600F Hornet and Kawasaki Z900 as a regular customer of Moto Maníacos !!!



Max Sanchenko, Kiev, Ukraine.