General information

  • It is considered to be a traffic accident if any of the following happens with you as a party:

– Any physical contact among motor vehicles.

– Any physical contact with other members of road circulation (pedestrians, bicyclists, wheelchair, etc).

– Any physical contact with other’s property (store window, fence, kiosk, etc).

In this case, the participants of the traffic accident have to stop further movement and to register their accident either by calling Police or by filling out the ‘European Accident Statement’ form.

  • In the case of a minor accident with no injuries and importantly when both drivers agree on the circumstances of the accident, it is common that drivers complete the ‘European Accident Statement’ report (Declaración Amistosa de Accidente). All of our motorcycles bear a few copies of this document under the seat.
  • In case if there are injured people or the drivers do not come to an agreement about the circumstances of the accident, it is necessary to call the Police and they will prepare their own report. You need to inform Policia Local if the accident happened within the city limits, otherwise inform Guardia Civil.

Emergency services in Spain

061 – Emergency Ambulance (Servicio de Urgencias y Emergencias Sanitarias).

092 – Local Police (Policia Local).

091 – National Police (Policia Nacional).

080 – Firefighters (Bomberos).

112 – General Emergency Service.