Preparing for the trip

  • Documents. You will need your driving license as well as your ID/passport. Please keep in mind that you need to have your ID with you at all times while being in Spain.
  • Cash and credit cards. It would be more convenient to pay with a credit card in most of the places, but having cash is also essential. Take some cash with you for small purchases, as well as a reserve amount in case your credit card is blocked or stolen. Please avoid bringing any currencies other than Euros, it would be hard or impossible to get them exchanged.
  • Medical insurance. You will need to be covered by any of your national insurances, we will check the validy before you can get your motorcycle delivered.

Your equipment

  • Protective gear. We stand for safety and we insist on the maximum protection of both the pilot and the passenger. Our minimum list of safety gear includes gloves, helmet, jacket with shoulder/elbow/back protectors, pants with knee protectors, boots. We recommend that you bring all of your own equipment with you so that you are fully familiar and comfortable with it. If you choose not to bring your helmet – we may rent one to you. It would be a modular type helmet with pinlock. Available sizes are S, M, L. Please consult availability of necessary helmets before your trip.
  • Clothes. Normally it is colder in the mountains that it is in Valencia. Depending on the season you may need additional thermal underwear, warmer gloves, buffs, etc. We recommend taking a comfortable motorcycle backpack with you so that you could take all the necessary things with you on the ride. Don’t forget about the swimming suit! Most of our routes pass by beaches, mountain lakes, and waterfalls, where we have pleasant swimming times.