310 km

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Route highlights

Losa del Obispo: photo session

Chulilla: pit-stop

Chera: photo session

Requena: lunch

Yatova: photo session

Dos Aguas: pit-stop

Millares: dinosaurs

Quesa: photo session

Route description:

The long and saturated route for adrenaline addicts. Wanted some thrill? Here you’ll get it all.

What’s on the route:

Try this single-lane two-way serpentine! Rare cars that come in the opposite direction constantly ring their claxons, as they don’t want you in their grills.

We will visit a medieval castle in Chulilla, drop by two water reserves and take a relaxing swim in one of them. Part of the route passes through the national reserve park, where you’ll faint either from the intensive smell of the pine trees or from the endless S- and U-turns. Also, we will pass and explore the dinosaur pastureland. Yes, they lived here and left some memories for us.

We will have a lunch stop and a few pit-stops for smoking and sharing impressions. Also, there are plenty of places to take memorable photos of your adventure.

This route is recommended only for experienced maniacs due to its complexity, high daily mileage, and intensity of other activities. It will take us about 9:00 hours to complete it.

Route photos